Healing to Prosperity: Restoration Through God’s Way

| September 13, 2019


This Christian-focused book explores the process of healing and examines the real process of the twist and turns that one encounters when trying to heal.
The book portrays the imperfections of humanness while illustrating the beauty of grace and love that God provides. This book was written to inspire, those people who feel hopeless and broken, to wholeness by allowing God to take the lead.
Healing is does not occur overnight, but rather it is a process; and that part of that healing is forgiveness.
In this book, healing is explained in the AOCA theory (Alex Young, 2017).

Key points that covered in the book include:
-shame and guilt
-grace & love
-importance of belief

This book provides an authentic look at how circumstances could occur in life and how the response to those circumstances can impact the outcome.

It will show you how to be empowered through God, to stop self-doubt, and to listen to your instincts and a higher voice above your own negative thoughts.

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