What You See (A Jesse Watson Mystery Book #1)

| December 14, 2013


What You See (A Jesse Watson Mystery Book #1)

What You See—Book 1 in the Jesse Watson Mystery series.
At thirty-one, Jesse Watson had reached an impasse in her life. It was time for a change. Her job was unfulfilling and her love life was non-existent. Something had to give. Heeding her parents’ advice, she quit her job, gave up her apartment and moved with them to the mountains of Virginia. Her intentions were to find a job and eventually get a place of her own. All that changed the day she went to work for Billy Blackhawk, private eye and Cherokee Indian. Her secretarial skills could not prepare her for what she was about to encounter and her safe and secure life would never be the same.

While in search for a missing girl, a quiet, rural country life with its beautiful mountain scenery quickly becomes a place of danger, murder and mayhem. Jesse faces the wrath of a disturbed, dysfunctional family determined to save themselves at all cost, even to the point of turning on each other. Soon it becomes a race for time as Jesse realizes the life she saves might well be her own. What you see just may kill you.

Excerpt from the book: I lay there for what seemed like an eternity. The air had become hot and humid from the late afternoon rain. My knee was throbbing and the cut on my forehead was still bleeding. I held my breath as I crouched down, hiding in the damp leaves and the tangled mass of underbrush. Coming here alone was a stupid mistake… possibly the last one I’d ever make. There was a killer on the loose and he was searching for me. Then I heard a twig snap…

I fixed a cup of coffee and walked over to the bay window in the dining area. The sky was gray against the green trees and a yard bursting with the color of spring. Small raindrops had begun to fall, as I sat down at the table. I started reading the newspaper, scanning the want ads. I need a job. This time last week, I thought my life was going into the crapper, and it probably was, but now, I had found myself a man, lived in a great house, and would eventually find a good job. I was so happy.

Billy and I were about to embark on another adventure. I could see it coming… jail was just a footstep away.

Hardcover Reviews:

“…captivating mystery…WHAT YOU SEE clearly establishes author Ann Mullen as an original and gifted writer, as well as leaving the reader looking eagerly toward the next Jesse Watson mystery!” —Midwest Book Review

“…I was turning pages at warp speed!” —Elyse Thibodeaux, The Examiner, Beaumont, Texas

In 2006 Ann Mullen was chosen as Favorite Virginia Author–Cooperative Living Magazine. Five of her books have been nominated for a Library of Virginia Literary Award, including her latest one, All About the Money. The books in her mystery series are set in Greene County, Virginia, and feature heroine, Jesse Watson and her PI partner, Billy Blackhawk. Ann says…”The best thing about writing is that you can let your imagination run wild, and I do!” She is currently working on her 8th book in the Jesse Watson Mystery series, The Prey Bites Back


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