Awakening the Goddess Within: 5 Steps to Embody Divine Love



Awakening the Goddess Within is a journey of love, one that will take you into your heart and into your feminine nature. It will bring to the surface the love and wisdom that resides deep within every woman. It will increase or reconnect you to your sexual energy and your sensuality and connect both of these with your heart. Awakening the Goddess Within is for women of all ages whether you are sexually active or not, whether you are in menopause or not.

Our sexual energy is about much more than sex. It enhances our passion for life, our creativity, and our vibrancy. When our sexual energy is alive and flowing we radiate ‘something’ that everyone is attracted to, men and women alike. Why? Because, when our sexual energy is connected to the love in our hearts we begin to radiate the essence of the Divine. Unconditional love, ecstatic aliveness, gentle power and confidence are the virtues of our divine nature. For me, it is what grounds me, and opens my heart so that I feel an overwhelming love for the world around me. When my sexual energy is running and my heart is open I feel deeply present and grounded, and… it is easier to focus. I also feel my connection to the wisdom and power within myself to take the steps to live a life that is truly rewarding and in alignment with the highest and best of all. This has been and continues to be a life changer for me and it is my honor to bring through this love, energy, and wisdom for other women.

These steps will help you to also permanently awaken THE Goddess within you so you too become a vessel for this beautiful presence to flow through you and fill the world. Other names for THE Goddess are Shakti, Divine Mother, Mother God, The Divine Feminine, Love.


  • The Power of Your Breath
  • Sacred Yoni Awakening
  • Beyond the Ordinary Experience of Love
  • What Do I Do With All This Love? Aligning With Your Heart’s True Desire’s
  • Managing Key Energy Points On Your Body
  • A Living Breathing Goddess

What Some Women From Live Awakening the Goddess Within Events Have Had to Say

My experience with Amyris was transformational. I was able to heal physical and energetic blocks, related to trauma that I had personally worked on for months, in just an hour with her as my facilitator. She held a deeply loving space that allowed me to experience my emotions to the fullest extent. Her guidance and wisdom is immense. I cherished the opportunity to participate in the Awakening the Goddess series. As I come to know my own body better, I am creating a deeper relationship to my heart, soul, and spirituality. I feel more confidence within myself and a growing awareness of my ability to create fulfilling relationships that stem from my heart space. It is truly a pleasure to have Amyris supporting me on this journey. I highly recommend Amyris’ sacred sessions and workshops to everyone looking to create sustainable shifts in their lives. There is so much to be gained through her work.

I had a few private sessions and just knew that I wanted to be at the retreat. The Awakening the Goddess Within work helped open my heart like it has never been opened before and taught me how to use the love in it and I am finally in the relationship I’ve always wanted as a sexually free and sovereign woman.

The Awakening the Goddess within Retreat was such a powerful and beautiful experience. It helped me to transmute my feelings of anger towards men, to see my power, and my biggest take away was, I don’t have to be miserable or let the problems of the world hold me down. I have a strong and blissed out woman inside who loves everyone unconditionally and now I know how to bring her out.

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