How To Write A Niche Article

| October 2, 2009

Most experienced  Internet Marketers know how important having content for your sites and link building efforts is. It’s like a never ending treadmill of research keywords, create sites, write articles for the site, and then once that is out of the way. Write tons of other articles for your link building efforts.

The most time consuming part of this is the content creation and frankly creating content for niche sites can get pretty boring. So most of us turn to outsourcing for a lot of our content. Unfortunately this is much more difficult than it sounds.

My adventures in outsourcing article, is long overdue and I’ll come out with it soon. But for now, I just need to explain a couple of things that many niche writers just don’t get.

A smart marketer will put a lot of thought into the main keyword of their article and supporting keywords to attract as much search engine traffic as possible.

A skilled and clever writer should be able to incorporate many of these words without repeating themselves over and over and saying nothing.

Keyword Density

You really don’t want to have a keyword density over 3% you just want your main keyword in the title and then used towards the beginning of the article and if the article is long enough it can be used at the end of the article and maybe once in the middle.

To calculate keyword density just take the number of times your keyword is used in the post and divide it by the number of words in the post. Then multiply that number by 100 and you will have the keyword density expressed as a percent.

If the article isn’t very long then you don’t want to over do it. Then take the supporting keywords and work some of them into the article if possible.

I have dealt with so many outsourcers who just seem to keep repeating the main keyword over and over, even if this is unintentional don’t do it. Your a writer for goodness sake, you should have a vocabulary large enough to not repeat the same term over and over in a 300 word article.

Say Something Unique

The next important step is to not bore the readers to death even though it may be about a boring topic, say something unique, spice it up a bit. I have had people tell me that they have written this and that and are over educated and over experienced. Yet, they write niche articles telling me what a candle is or what a Teddy bear is.

We all know what these things are, can’t you think of something else to say. After all you are a highly credentialed experienced writer. Heck you even asked for a raise before even creating one article for me. Nobody wants to read a 400 word essay on what a candle is. Just because that is the keyword doesn’t mean the article can’t take a unique position.

If your keyword is candle use the word in the title and once at the beginning of the article, then sprinkle in some other words as you explain, why you like candles, or how they add ambiance to the room, or how Sting used a million white candles in his music video. It’s OK to have an opinion and write something human for humans. You are not a dictionary robot and no one wants to read your boring drivel.

Easy Research

An easy way to research a niche article is to go to Amazon or some other product site and look over the product and some of the reviews, then in your own words write some unique opinion or idea that the product has inspired.

Please don’t give me a rewritten version of the ezine articles I wrote last week. Or don’t create an ezine article for me that is a rehashed article of the posts on my blog. You may not know my sites or articles, but I sure know when you are giving me a rehashed version of something I have already written.

I’m not saying that you have to waste hours researching the topic or creating breakthrough articles. Just try to get a quick overview of the topic. Then take a moment to form an opinion and write something unique. No one wants a rehashed definition of what a candle is. Plus when we pay someone for an article we don’t want to have to rewrite it. We already created emails and keyword lists and instructions, these things take time and effort, then to get an article back and have to rewrite and pay for it, prompts people to write long angry posts like this one.

Keep It Positive

Another thing to keep in mind is the tone of the article. If it is going on a site or article to promote a certain product, that means we want the reader to get a positive feeling about the product. Please don’t decide that you are a Pulitzer quality writer and you are going to go negative about the product we are trying to promote. Your writing skills are not that good. Leave the Psychology to the real Internet Marketers, and just create an article that is either impartial or positive.

Don’t Suggest Going To The Mall

Another filler paragraph that I find in a lot of the content is something like this; “if you want to buy brown Teddy Bears the first thing you need to do is decide the style of Brown Teddy Bear you want. There are many different places you can buy Brown Teddy Bears such as the Mall or Target or many other specialty stores.”  WTF, I don’t want the reader buying their Teddy Bear at the Mall, they are supposed to buy it from the link on the site! What in the world do you think we do with this stuff we ask you to write?

Keyword And Other Words In Title

The next thing is the title. I have tried to give the writers leeway to create their own titles, that way the title will reflect the direction they choose to take the article. That doesn’t mean I want you to title the article Candle. That’s not a title that is the keyword!

I know there are some really fast and creative niche writers out there. The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter how educated or smart you think you are. All we really want is some decently written unique content, that can incorporate a few keywords, without repeating them excessively, and not sound like you are writing the new unabridged dictionary for Amazon. It’s OK to have an opinion and express it, you don’t have to be an expert to write something about a product that is interesting enough for someone to actually read.

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5 Comments on "How To Write A Niche Article"

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  1. Allyn says:

    Very solid tips! My favorite part is your WTF about sending someone to the mall to buy the brown bear, LOL.
    yeah, exactly, WTF???
    I also agree that when I am looking for niche content writers, I just want them to “get after it” and write what they can, just keeping loosely connected to the key words and thought. So many of them get all wrapped up in the “Problogger rules of SEO content” and forget to just belt it out naturally.

    • Emma says:

      Thanks Allyn! Yeah I can’t believe some of the stuff I have gone through with outsourcing. What seems like a wonderful time saving thing can sometimes be a royal pain in the rear. Thanks for reading my post and visiting my site, we are definitely on the same page with this one. 🙂

  2. Amruta says:

    Thanks a lot for this post. I am a content writer, and hate the whole SEO-keyword-overdoing thing, when I actually want to write something naturally, intended for human beings,rather than the search engine. It feels good that a representative of the people I work for echoes my sentiment and backs me up. Thanks once again:)

  3. Lisa says:

    haha, yeah the WTF part is my favorite.

    These are some great tips, especially for someone whos fairly new like myself. Luckily I don’t fall into most of these categories…I can’t help but bring my personality and opinions into my writing. As you know, im never short an opinion LOL It did however make me realize that I don’t always have to write about what the product is. I can incorporate the keyword into any type or article whether its a review or how I use it in my daily life or why I love it etc etc etc.

    I think all outsource writers should have a shock collar on them, and when they really screw up..ZAP!

  4. sandy says:

    I find if we write about things we like, things we’re knowledgeable about it’s not all that difficult…or boring.

    Good tips