Will You Be My Friend? : A Kid’s Self Love and Self-esteem Book

| September 19, 2019


Toto doesn’t like the toys in his life anymore, as they’re not as much fun as they used to be. The little dog finds out that has no friends so, he goes searching for a true friend.
He tries to make friends with everyone that he meets, a sheep, a piglet and a chicken to name just a few. Toto does all to please them and sometimes looks ridiculous. But they want to be friends only with themselves, and not with Toto.
We talk to kids a lot about how important to be friends to others. Not much about how important to stay yourself… It’s more of a challenge when your children stay true to themselves and establish they own identity.
Will You Be My Friend teaches children self-love, the value of true friendship and that no matter how hard they are to find true friends can be found. A true friend accepts who you are!

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