Safe Without You

| December 15, 2013


Safe Without You

This is a New Adult Romance. Recommended for readers aged 17+ due to sexual situations and language. 

Stand alone full length novel with no cliffhanger ending.

Eight weeks after my arrival, the tour company I was working for went bust. I never saw a paycheck for my second month of
work, and found myself marooned in Panama with exactly $412. 
At least the company had fed and housed me–until they skipped out…

But I wasn’t panicking just yet. I was sure that with a little creativity, I’d find a way to spin straw into gold.

I just had no idea what the price of that might be.

A mojito with a handsome comrade in a bar just seems too good to refuse.
A free road trip to her next destination… what could go wrong?
A shared room later that night… maybe.

But that’s all Amber McShane ever planned for Cal Compton.

Sometimes the most complex dangers lurk behind the simplest of plans…

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