Family Wounds


The chief of a small village in Africa was taken and thrown into the world of slavery. Weak, hungry and dehydrated; he was forced to continue walking until they met up with a buyer that was in the slave business. Beaten and frail, the chief only had a little bit left to live for, which was slowly being taken away from him. Among his only possessions left was a small wooden pendant beautifully crafted with intricate designs, which was stolen from him by the man who purchased him. He performed one last incantation, offering his spirit to his god, before he collapsed to the ground – dead.

All of those who had a hand in his business would be haunted by his spirit for as long as they lived.

Around a decade or so later, after his parents died, a young man named Richard discovered his mother’s box of personal belongings. Feeling like everything in it was junk and would be tossed out along with the house, he noticed a small antique necklace within the box that he preceded to try on. Richard never planned or could guess what would happen next!