The Scourge of Alexandria


When exiled Prince Andreas’ father is assassinated days before launching the largest military campaign that Terranea has ever seen, Andreas must find a way to hold together the alliance of humans and salvage his father’s mission to liberate the Earth from the ruthless dwarves of Croton. But with assassins and traitors lurking at every turn as the other rulers of Terranea plot their own rise to power, Andreas’ path to victory remains shrouded in darkness and beset by danger.

Meanwhile, Helena, the goddess of women and queen of the gods, begins to scheme atop Mt. Decimus to overthrow the king of the gods’ reign and crush Andreas’ army into the dirt. Pitting the gods against one another, Helena masterminds an all-out war for the heavens that threatens to leave all of Terranea in ruins.

But as kings and gods battle to the death, darkness rises in the east. Trolls, werewolves, vampires and zombies begin to invade the lands of the living as the armies of the undead venture beyond the Shadow Realms for the first time in centuries. In the face of the coming darkness, the young daughter of a shepherd discovers incredible powers that barely manage to save her from certain death. When a sorcerer appears to lead her to a school of magic to train to battle the undead monsters invading her home, Adrianna embarks on a perilous quest past warlocks and witches that leads her deep into a treacherous forest comprised of her worst nightmares to try to win her wand and save the world.

The Scourge of Alexandria is the first installment in the epic fantasy series, A Tale of Dawn and Dusk.