Love Lines: The Fastest Way to Meet the Love of Your Life

| October 6, 2019


You’re 4 words away from meeting the love of your life

Finding a partner is painfully difficult. Dating apps are worthless, singles events are open competition for the person you’re attracted to, and there’s a lot of bad advice about meeting people that isn’t helpful. You can waste an entire evening trying to meet someone at an event.

Forget all the “flirting” advice; that takes too long.

“Flirting” books do nothing but give advice that slows you down: ”Show confidence, but don’t come on too strong”. “Tell stories about your life, but don’t talk too much”. “Make eye contact, but look away every now and then”. How can you remember all that? You can’t.

Get right to the intimate conversation

Love Lines is new: it speeds up the meet-and-get-acquainted process to hyperspeed. With Love Lines you won’t have to do any “flirting”.

  • Women: you’ll be able to walk up to any man you like and start a conversation, but without looking desperate.
  • Men: women will walk up to you and ask for your attention.

“Flirting” may take an entire evening; with Love Lines you’ll be holding their hand within 60 seconds.

Love Lines: Better than anything you’ve done before

Love Lines skips over all the preliminaries and “flirting”. Love Lines is a streamlined version of chrilogy. I’ve taken the best techniques of chirology and adapted them for meeting single people. This book has one goal: approach an attractive single person easily, get them interested in talking to you immediately, and then have their undivided attention so you can get to know them better.

With Love Lines you’ll be able to:

  • Determine, from a distance, how best to approach someone.
  • Have the perfect opening line when you first walk up and introduce yourself.
  • Start a conversation and keep it going easily and effortlessly.
  • Ask specific questions that will let you evaluate them on your terms.
  • Have their undivided attention the entire evening

You’ll be able to skip the preliminaries, make physical contact, and have an intimate conversation with your love interest right from the start. That’s a huge advantage over everyone else.

So skip all the “flirting” and get connected with the love of your life.

Click the “Buy Now” button at the top of this page and get your copy of Love Lines today.


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