Nondualism: Merging Psychology, Spirituality and Philosophy (Second Edition)


Updated and Expanded Second Edition:
Introduces the concept of the Ego Migration which claims that the ego migrated from the right hemisphere to the left in order to develop the logical faculties of the mind in childhood. Furthermore, all spiritual disciplines were developed to reverse this migration to acquire whole-brain intelligence. This can be seen in the practice of meditation, where minimizing the use of the left hemisphere is done to stimulate right hemispheric activity.

In this eclectic, easy-to-read study, multi-disciplinary evidence is presented to validate the Ego Migration from psychology to quantum physics, most notably the ego defense mechanisms initially discovered by Sigmund Freud and elaborated on by Anna Freud.

This book discusses many complex topics explained in a simple and straightforward manner. Such topics include Carl Jung’s Individuation Process, the archetypes, how the defense mechanisms employed by the ego contracts consciousness and the actual role of yoga.