| October 7, 2019


In 1970, the mysterious cult’s mass kidnapping and ritualistic killing led to the summoning of the Shade—a paranormal entity of living shadow. Ever since then, starting in October in the city of Bastillio, the Shade would be seen haunting twelve teenagers at night throughout the month, often resulting in their deaths.

But the discovery of U.V. lights as a deterrent from the Shade led the government to establish a system to contain the Shade’s threat.

Fast forward to 2020, twenty years after the system had successfully prevented any more deaths, the media and global firestorm surrounding the phenomenon died down. So when sixteen-year-old Vergil Torres was identified as one of the twelve and was immediately brought to Biringan—the government shelter where haunteds like him would stay for the month—he was more excited than scared for his life.

But the gruesome and inexplicable death of one of them during their stay in the supposedly safe house renews the horror of the Shade. Reluctant at first, Vergil, together with his friends and Major Coleman, decided to get to the bottom of the mystery, if they are to survive through the month.

Download a sample or buy HAUNTEDS now to join Vergil and his friends uncover the mysteries that might actually save their lives.

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