28 Ideas For How to Increase The Self-Esteem of Your Kids

| October 9, 2019


Self-confident children get on much better in life.

In contrast, does your child make himself small, speak disparagingly of himself or not trust in his own abilities? Does he avoid new situations and develop fear rather than curiosity? Is he extremely shy and does not like to go to school or kindergarten?
If you notice that your child is showing some of the symptoms mentioned, it is important to act. Your child needs your full attention and help. You will find a lot of advice and ideas in this book to do just that.

What you will learn:
-How to teach self-confident thinking to your child
-How to praise your children correctly without damaging their self-esteem
-How to criticize in a constructive way
-How to interact with your child
-How to treat your child in order to strengthen his or her self-confidence


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