Equinox & Solstice: Short Story Anthology

| October 9, 2019


An ever-expanding collection of fantasy, science fiction and other short stories that grow darker as winter approaches.

Feel the joy’s of spring as you read fairy tales to your children.
Follow the exploits of brave heroes in action-packed summer adventures.
Explore the autumn stories as shadows encroach.
Delve into winter tales as you would a ghostly barrow.?

New stories added each equinox and spring, free for purchasers to read online or download.

Spring Equinox

Monster! (Children’s Fantasy)
As a gnome takes his fish for a walk along Giddy-Up Brook, he finds his friend drowning. Can Deepbarrow save Jollylocks with the help of his magical fish, Rainbow?

Fey Farewell (Heart-warming Fantasy)
Lariel rides her unicorn to say farewell to fairies and other woodland friends, and sings a tale of the ancient dragon, Celdemar the Gold.

Summer Solstice

Sun Sword (Fantasy)
A dwarf and wizard battle a demon prince in their quest to find the Sun Sword.

Save Point (Science Fiction / Fantasy)
Jade seeks to end the tyranny of Lord Nakamauri. Will the Moon Dancer’s ethereal martial art style defeat his Dragon Claw technique?

Autumn Equinox

Woman and Wolf (Fantasy)
A forest burns. At the fire’s heart lives a fiend, a salamander. Can Thym, Guardian of Nature, use the the gift of the Frost Queen to defeat the salamander and save the forest?

Junky (Science Fiction / Cyberpunk)
An android finds herself adrift in an undulating ocean of junk. How long can she survive before scavengers strip away her consciousness?

Winter Solstice

Divined Histories (Dark Fantasy)
HARLOT, HIEROPHANT, PHOENIX, EMPEROR and FIEND: what will the cards divine?

Next new story update: winter solstice 2019.

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