A Path Toward Home (The Annals of Avonea)

| December 17, 2013


In the realms of a world a galaxy away, lies the country of Avonea. Seventeen-year old Constance, who lives alone with uncle and aunt in Canada, remembers the bedtime stories her mother told about a mysterious far away land and a baby prince. She had always believed they were only fairy tales…until the day she awoke in unfamiliar surroundings. Where was she, why was she there, and foremost on her mind, how would she ever get home?

“A very developed storyline full of action, twists and turns.” –Goodreads Reviewer

“It was full of adventure and romance, but still a wholesome read for the younger set” –Goodreads Reviewer

“This is a book that I would recommend for all ages” –Goodreads Reviewer

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