Bee’s Flowers

| October 19, 2019


Most everyone has gone to a flower shop and purchased a bouquet or a gift. Have you ever taken the time to ponder where the flowers are going and the story behind every purchase? Welcome to Bee’s Flowers where there is a story behind every bouquet. A place where customer’s and owner’s lives intertwine. There will be love, and there will be loss, there will be laughter, there will be tears.
Meet Grandma Betty, the original owner of Bee’s Flowers, who wants to pass the flower shop down to her granddaughters to travel America with her husband in their new RV.
Meet Rachel, one of Grandma Betty’s granddaughters who is facing an empty space in her life, and her heart, while her husband is deployed and she is left caring for her twin daughters.
Meet Stacia, Grandma Betty’s other granddaughter who is left wounded from a recent break-up. She runs heavy on sarcasm and coffee.
Meet Scarlett, she moved to Colorado to be closer to Children’s Hospital where her daughter is currently being treated for cancer. Tevin, her husband, loves his girls and having fun with them, despite the obstacles they are continually dealing with.
Meet Eleanor, a pediatric oncology nurse. She suffers from a tragic past but is trying to be the best person she can be. Her fiance Kai is a lawyer and frustrated about his stressful job. Will they be able to come together despite Kai’s anger?
Together, the cast of Bee’s Flowers will make you rethink the way you look at flowers, and the reasons people turn to them on multiple occasions.

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