Spectra: A Cynical Superhero


A fresh take on female superheroes.

They think she’s a superhero. She thinks they’re delusional.

I may be a supe, but I’m no hero. Yes, I have supernatural abilities. I can manipulate colors; a talent which is more exciting than it sounds. I use color wavelengths to cast illusions, alter emotions, heal the human body, and even hurt it, if I’m so inclined. Fascinating, yes, but my true passion is for languages. I’m a scholar, not a fighter; a translator for the President of the United States. And I’m good at my job.

I like my life the way it is. Or, rather, the way it was before an angel started stalking me. A guardian angel no less. He’s not what you think. Those pretty stories you’ve heard about the Heavenly Host? They’re based on his people; the Triari. An alien race who made a huge impression on humans back when they brought their war with the Bleiten—you might know them better as Demons—to Earth centuries ago. This particular angel is an arc, one of the Host’s most fearsome warriors, and he refuses to leave me alone. He says that Demons are out for my blood… quite literally. They’re after the immortality in my DNA. I’d like to trust him, but I’m not the trusting sort. I think I’ll take my chances with the Demons.

The Spectra Series is a slow-building reverse harem fantasy paranormal romance.

From the best-selling author of the Godhunter, Twilight Court, and Spellsinger Series comes an exciting new take on superheroes. Grab a copy today and discover why cynics make the best heroes.

Praise for Spectra:
“The X-Men meets Anita Blake.”

“The perfect blend of paranormal romance and superhero fantasy.”

“Another book to get mad at… because it ended!”

“This is about superheroes. Or, well, aliens and angels and demons and… just read it for yourself.”

“I enjoyed myself immensely while reading this book.”

From the author:
Save the world in the proper order:
1. Spectra
2. A Gray Area
3. A Compression of Colors
4. Blue Murder
5. Code Red

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