Cemetery Babies: A Gripping Psychological Thriller

| November 5, 2019


It’s the year 2020. Abortions are illegal.

Underground abortions are now the norm for those willing. Thanks in part to an illegal clinic specializing in a two-step process. Thousands of fetuses, aborted from women with diverse backgrounds, are discarded into a massive dirt hole. That’s until one woman decides to come forward.

The discovery of the cemetery babies causes uproar in the city. This gives room for lead prosecutor, Steve Powell, to try the case. The darling of the media, Steve’s record becomes tarnished when he botches the trial. With Steve suffering defeat, the defendant becomes a free man. The loss also contributes to the downfall of the famed district attorney.

Before there is a chance to ever retry the case, Steve dies tragically in an automobile accident. His organs are donated to various recipients, giving them a second chance in life.

Attempting to move on with her own life, music journalist and widow Emma Powell receives a letter from one of the organ recipients. Upon meeting survivors, Emma discovers that one particular transplant recipient possesses a secret which reveals an amazing, yet disturbing, life of her late husband.

These haunting memories pull Emma down a remarkable path to rediscover her late husband on an intimate level.

CEMETERY BABIES is a powerfully chilling story about choosing between life and death and the reasons behind those choices.


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