And Pip, Too!



Or can they?

Meet Pip and Big Guy! Pip is the little sister – full of sugar, lots of spice, and a zest for life that will keep young audiences howling with laughter. 

Big Guy is her patient and loving big brother, who just wants to get through the day without another disaster. 

The book is written in rhyme, with engaging and hilarious illustrations. While pure fun, it also opens up conversations on the joy, love, and even frustration that can happen between siblings. It closes with a gentle reminder at the end that, even after a crazy day, coming together is what counts.

Reminiscent of the loving sibling dynamic in Little Miss, Big Sis, the humor of the Olivia books, and the naughty antics in No, David!, Pip and Big Guy’s mishaps and adventures will be a delight for children of all ages.

If you’ve ever had a little sibling, if you’ve ever been that little sibling, if you’ve ever raised siblings… you will LOVE these books. 

Grab one today, and join in the fun!

From the creative team behind the acclaimed Aidan the Wonder Kid Who Could Not be Stopped, this rhyming, rollicking, hilariously illustrated story is a charming book that will have both boys and girls cheering. Perfect for all children ages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and up. Most suitable for Pre-K, grade 1, grade, 2, grade 3, and parents and teachers who like an entertaining and funny read for story time.