Goodbye Dinosaur: Why Dinosaurs are Extinct

| November 6, 2019


A fun story about Eons-ago when the world was flat and dinosaurs roamed the world. The domestic animals had arrived on earth but the only dinosaur left was an aggressive carnivore who threatened their existence. His attempt to eat each of the domestic animals is met with failure as the domestic animals go to great length to escape his huge jaws. The domestic animals survive by taking extraordinary actions to escape. The only dinosaur left meets his demise when he is blinded by the sunset and ends up falling off the flat earth. It is unclear where the dinosaur ends up after falling after the world. Themes from familiar nursery rhymes and classic children’s stories are playfully woven into the story to inspire the child to think about other stories and whether or not it relates to the extinction of the dinosaurs. This fantastical journey can evoke a conversation with a child about whether the world was always round, or did the world change shape after the dinosaur disappeared. This book offers a great opportunity to have a playful conversation with a child about the shape of the world, how the world has changed over the centuries, or what is the real reason dinosaurs are extinct.

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