Francine and the Art of Transformation

| November 6, 2019


‘A character that will inspire you., and that you will NEVER forget’
In 1900s London, Francine is a ladies’ maid, cast off without a character. But she is anything but a victim. Francine has a mission, to help other women survive their prescribed fates, and when she meets another cast-off, poor starving governess Miss Philpott, she transforms her into an independent woman. If she finds romance, so much the better…
Like in ‘ A Woman of Substance’,we meet a woman who will not accept the fate designed for her. And moreover, she will train others to do the same.

Readers say:
‘How can a tale about a 1900s woman have inspired me to look at my own life? But it did…’
‘A fairy tale that inspires’
‘The message in Francine can speak to us all.’
‘Funny and charming, but with some inspirational ideas.’
‘Sassy, clever plotting and believable characters a great fun read.’
‘I am totally in love with Francine..’
‘…well written with fabulous character development.’
‘It is amazing that so much can be said about a woman’s power and self-sufficiency in a short space…’
”A series, please!’
‘Julie Klassen with an edge…’
‘Love, love , love this character…’

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