Love Forever: Poems to Open Your Heart and Free Your Emotions

| November 6, 2019


Poetry on love, loss, life, and the promise for tomorrow

Open your heart and free your emotions with this uplifting and thought-provoking collection of poems. Rollins’ prose will free your deepest loving thoughts as you explore your highest, most meaningful, and most tender feelings of love in its many different dimensions and forms.

Much, much more than a book of poetry on love, loss, and dreams forever.

These poems, complemented by supporting illustrations, were crafted to set you free to journey down your own broadening road of mindfulness, introspection, and renewal. Take a few small steps sideways from your daily routine to be reminded of the importance of love in your life; of family; and even of your furry friends who model daily, love and devotion.

Hope and dreams

Come and go

With the young

Never to really know

Why read these poems?

All poetry stems from different events in a poet’s life. The resulting poems reflect various rhythms and styles from wide-ranging experiences. (Wentworth Rollins is no different.) These verses, like all poetry, do not have a definitive meaning. Rather, they were penned with the intention of arousing thoughts and ideas to ponder with the hope of kindling growth for the reader.

As you walk along the twisted lanes of love and life, these verses will be there again and again, like a warm hand to hold. Rollins’ words bring you a unique blend of happiness, loss, strife, and splendor that will set your thoughts free to wander. Begin in an instant to experience the touch and fullness of your senses. Blend your reflections and imagination into a future bursting with unexpected benefits as you linger on each poetic line.

Unions, short or long

Ring out a beckoning song

Wave not this worthy endeavor

Trust fast to … always and forever

Savor these poems to get lost in yourself. Search with a transformative passion to find the special part of you and your greatest “forever” loves. There is wondrous promise in your creative visions, tempered by experience. Pass on your way with no regrets. Don’t miss any opportunity to foster new beneficial approaches to all of life’s emotionally mixed aspects and expectations.

Are you ready to open closed or new doors? Scroll up to get a digital or print copy of these poems for yourself or someone you love or click the “Look Inside” feature to start reading the first few poems today.

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