Heirs of the Frost: The Deathweaver Series, Book 1

| November 7, 2019


The Hybrids stand on the brink of extinction. Each day they struggle for survival and fight tooth and nail against annihilation, but they are alone. Most of the world doesn’t know of them. Those who do are just as likely to help them as to call them an abomination, an unholy blend of human and elven, of Water and Earth. Half-elves. There are only a few who refuse to accept this hollow war and dream of something greater. Ralael is one of them, a young Hybrid with big dreams and an iron will, and when two elves show up at their gates with an offer from their king he defies the will of his entire community in pursuit of a chance to be heard.

But the Hybrids are not the only ones who deal with such hardship. The call they received is proof enough. Fifty elemental cycles after the Withdrawal, the Ice Elves are turning restless. To prevent the unrest from spreading, their king is forced to take extreme measures to quell the turmoil, but will in turn be compelled to protect himself against those who would harm him — and those close to him. All of his relations are thus sent away from the crown city in the hands of capable protectors, expect for one…

The circumstances are not an ally of neither party. Before the end, everyone will have to make a choice, Ralael included. Does his mission truly come before everything else? What weighs more on the elusive scale of conscience? His kind’s future, or the life of a stranger?


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