Tales of the Late Twentieth Century



An aging, ex-musician working inside the incinerator chamber of an old 19th century hotel discovers a locked room that contains a Book of Souls of tenants of the past century. A soldier returning from the Iraq War meets a beautiful and enigmatic girl waging her own military campaign, as darkly terrifying as the one he left behind. The son of a New Orleans mobster hit-man receives a beyond-the-grave message from his once-abusive, now-dead father that changes everything he thought he knew about their lives. A homeless man, collecting cans to survive, finds himself being followed by a stranger he is sure is the reincarnation of Dick Tracy. A woman who has lost her Texas ranchman husband and any further meaning to her life, is suddenly contacted by a young runaway cousin whose parents are also dead, and is now in hot pursuit of her own aimless existence.

From tragic to comic and in-between, these and other tales journey and explore the zeitgeist, the spirit of our age, which was the late twentieth century. (Short Stories)

James Snyder’s previous works include the young-adult, literary trilogy THE BEAUTIFUL-UGLY; the military thriller AMERICAN WARRIOR; and the award-winning, suspense thriller DESOLATION RUN: “Simultaneously brutal, bloody and beatific, this is crime fiction done right. A relentlessly paced, unpredictable page-turner powered by well-developed characters.” Kirkus Reviews