Dinosaurs and Prime Numbers (Walton Cumberfield Series)

| December 20, 2013


Dinosaurs and Prime Numbers (Walton Cumberfield Series)

There is a cow in Budleigh Salterton that is independent of the space-time continuum. Walton Cumberfield, however, is not aware of this. At least, not yet…

All he knows is that his dog is missing, his girlfriend has left him, and the local residential home has banned him from putting on any more of his celebrity-based toy theatre productions. It’s the end of his world as he knows it – and something has to be done!

Join Walton Cumberfield, amateur gas and electricity meter-reader, semi-professional scientist, poet, entrepreneur, inventor, raconteur and private detective as he embarks on a hilarious quest that will lead him to the discovery of a lifetime.

Find out more on Walton’s blog: www.waltoncumberfield.com


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