We Are Toten Herzen (Totenseries)

| December 21, 2013


We Are Toten Herzen (Totenseries)

Four members of a rock band murdered in 1977 are found alive thirty five years later.

An old man in Rotterdam receives a telephone call ordering him to find The Plan.

A thirteenth century book is abandoned in a book restorer’s workshop in Salzburg.

Four critics are murdered in one night across London.

And an eccentric blogger writes about the Cathars, suicide cults and anti-humans.

A music journalist’s ambition to bring Toten Herzen back from the dead provokes outrage, hysteria and revenge in Chris Harrison’s paranormal dark comedy We Are Toten Herzen. From an isolated Dutch farmhouse to the teeming chaos of New York fact and fiction blur as the 70s most notorious rock band plan their return, outwitting the modern music industry and settling old scores in the only way they know how.

Hoax or strange reality? Find out in the first novel of the Totenseries. The only official account of Toten Herzen’s long awaited comeback.


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