A Shaper’s Promise

| November 23, 2019


A Shaper’s Promise is the first instalment of the epic fantasy Aura Shaper series of books which tell an extraordinary, highly original tale of good versus evil.

Set in a world far from Earth without electricity and conveniences like cars, telephones and planes, this is a planet with eight-coloured rainbows and a universal religion dedicated to the light where some are born with ‘gifts’. They might be Musicians or Artists, gifted with the Elements, like Stone, Light or Air, learn a language in minutes or have Speed, Strength or a million other possibilities. They’re not mutants. They’re not aliens. They’re just extraordinarily talented.

One of the rarest gifts is Reading the auras that surround every living thing: understanding the patterns of light that reveal a person’s thoughts and feelings, their very being. The rarest gift of all, though, is the ability to not just Read an aura but manipulate it, control it or even destroy it… to Shape it. It’s no wonder ancient lawmakers decreed Aura Shapers be wiped out or that Shaping is still punishable by death.

A Shaper’s Promise begins with Anna. She’s just eighteen and possibly the first Aura Shaper born in The Kingdom in centuries. Her Healer mother’s always warned her to never let anyone know what she is, but she’s determined to head to Ionantis to try to join the Quorum of Gifted. Fate seems to think she should follow a different path and she soon finds herself embroiled in events beyond her wildest dreams. For there is evil heading towards The Kingdom and Anna’s gift might be the only weapon that can save them.

“An entertaining and exciting tale from a convincing and attractive fantasy world”
“The finale is crashingly epic. I read it at the speed of sound. People! This is an excellent read!”
“Absolutely loved this book. Cost me some sleepless nights cause I couldn’t drag myself away from it!”
“The whole concept of this magical world is enchanting. Would thoroughly recommend and can’t wait for the next instalment!!”
“The first in a trilogy, that draws you in to a wonderful world of fantasy. Great characters, well thought through plot, page turning.”

The Aura Shaper Series is dedicated to the author’s friend, Ann Clark, who passed away much too early after a lifetime dedicated to healing others.

Please note that Karen MacRae is a British author who writes in British English.

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