Paydown (A Leopold Blake Mystery / Thriller Novella)

| December 22, 2013


Paydown (A Leopold Blake Mystery / Thriller Novella)

Greed can be murder…

When a high-flying Wall Street investment banker is found brutally killed, what started out as a simple fraud case turns into expert criminologist Leopold Blake’s first ever murder investigation.

Now, with the financial world at the brink of collapse, Blake must put aside his differences and work with NYPD Detective Mary Jordan to find and stop the killer before it’s too late. As the glamor of Wall Street is stripped away by a series of catastrophic discoveries, Leopold will have to decide how much he is prepared to risk in order to uncover the truth – and whether it’s a price he’s willing to pay.

Paydown is a novella of 25,000 words (approx. 95 print pages) set several years before the events detailed in Panic – the first novel in the Leopold Blake series of thrillers.

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