Castle of Shadow


Don’t look in the mirror, Emilia.

Emilia Waterson is the happiest she has ever been. Having been born into poverty, she now lives her dream after a wealthy purveyor of fine jewelry, Robert Littelfield, has asked her to marry him. The couple is on top of the world when their attendance is requested at the manor of Duke Zenborough.

Their weekend takes a tragic turn when Robert becomes deathly ill and Emilia and her newfound friends from the party have no choice but to find refuge in a mysterious castle amidst the woods. There, they will be subjected to horrors unfathomable, as the gravely ill Robert Littelfield has been hiding a dark family secret.

Emilia has a secret of her own and if there’s any chance of escaping this nightmarish prison, she’ll have to confront the darkness within her.

This is a classical piece of horror with elements of dark fantasy that draws you in slowly before careening into a blood-curdling marathon through hell.