Touch and Sing on McDonald’s Farm


Kids will love this book as it will bring a famous nursery rhyme to life!

Share quality times with your kids as you sing for them this famous nursery rhyme.
This book will play out the tune for each stanza of the poem while you use
your best singing voice and showcase your vocal prowess to your little one!

Kids will learn real animal sounds

When a button is pressed, the real sound that the animal in the current the verse makes will be heard.
That way, they will learn the sounds of those farm animals in real life.

Kids will learn to read too

Reading and pointing at the words while singing to your kid over time, will help to
familiarize them with the words and passively, they’ll learn to recognize the
letters, then words and finally get to read the verses on their own!

Fantastic Interactive tool for early readers

They’ll love this book as it will
• Actually play out the tune of the rhyme so that their attention can be engaged though singing
• Children love tunes and will like to join and sing along when you sing to them
• Create a lovely bonding time as you and your kid can sing together as the tune plays
• Kids will learn to recognize words and read while using the book
• Provides a pleasant interactive experience, sure to amuse and entertain them
• They learn to sing to tune!