Raven’s Light Book 1 : Eulogy For The Light

| December 22, 2013


Raven's Light Book 1 : Eulogy For The Light

Raven’s Light is a huge epic fantasy dealing with the royal families that dominant the world of Skyeden that has not seen the light of day for a thousand years. Only one Orb of Light exists that is said could restore not only the light, but light magic such as spiritual wings and immortality that has been lost. When this Orb is freed from the Malbolians by a raven, hope is instilled in the land. The characters are morally and physically challenged along with their faith and loves. And when a flock of ravens create a portal that sweeps the Raven with the orb and a young woman into the 1800’s of Native America, the war of Light and Dark will impact both worlds.


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