The Gangster’s Son – Shig Sato Mystery Book 1

| November 29, 2019


A Tokyo back alley is no place to die.

Beautiful young Kimi Yamada is murdered. The crime grabs headlines. But will she get justice?
All Tokyo Police Inspector Shig Sato wants is to work one last case before mandatory retirement ends his career. After three years in exile with the nation’s Security Police protecting diplomats and VIPs, he’s back doing what he does best – solving crimes.
His team begins investigating Kimi’s murder. But right away, Sato discovers his family’s long-held secret ties to a criminal dynasty could set Kimi’s killer free. And there’s nothing he can do.
Or is there?
Sato discovers the cost of of honoring his family and his debt to the mob boss is high – so high that Kimi Yamada’s killer could go free. What price will he pay to see justice for Kimi?
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