| November 29, 2019


“This is a must read novel for anyone who enjoys a good post-apocalyptic story.”- Author Anthony Avina

“I look forward to reading more by this author.”- Amy Shannon

“I believe readers that enjoy dystopian and post-apocalyptic stories would appreciate this book”-Jeyran Main

When the water’s all gone, what will you do to survive?
 It’s the distant future. The earth is scourged by nuclear warfare and natural resources have become scarce.To top it all off, the country is overtaken by wealthy moguls who dominate the water supply and sell it back to the public at ridiculous prices. After a drastic crime increase “indigents” who can’t afford water are stripped of their belongings and forced out of town by an army of brutes called Purifiers.

Life becomes harsh and ominous for Joshua Wyman and his group until they begin to occasionally receive food and other basic amenities after Joshua is deemed useful. When a blatant abuse of Purifier power during a routine visit leaves them reeling Joshua and his friends reach their breaking point. 

They devise a plan to steal the Purifiers’ vehicle during their next visit and escape their hell. Their journey across the uncharted wastelands filled with murderers and thieves proves to be far morethan this civilized, benevolent crew bargained for. Growing tensions within the nearby towns may cause the two worlds to collide, creating an epic storm.


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