Sally’s First Day of School

| November 29, 2019


First day jitters!

The Five Enchanted Mermaids are here to help.

Starting in a new school is a big milestone for young children that is often fraught with anxiety and fear. The best way a parent can help is to equip them with tools they can use to develop confidence to find solutions.

This is why we created the Tales of the Five Enchanted Mermaids books. Each of the five mermaids represents a different area of emotional intelligence and, through our stories, they present practical solutions that your child can carry with them and use in their daily lives.

In Sally’ First Day of School, Sally the baby whale shark is starting at Miss Molly’s School and she’s nervous about it. The Five Enchanted Mermaids help her address her concerns and make her first day successful.

At the school, Miss Molly helps her students come up with a plan to welcome a new student and help them feel comfortable on their first day.

This book presents a unique approach and offers tools for parents and teachers to engage young children about this subject.

  • Practical solutions that children will easily understand
  • Children will learn how to be the new student and also how to welcome a new student into their class and social setting
  • The story models skills for problem solving and successful social behavior
  • Offers opportunities for conversation starters to engage young students

With the book’s charming illustrations, you and your child will know exactly how Sally is feeling as she works through the process and eventually reaches a successful outcome.

Sally’s First Day of School is the third book in a series of picture books for children age 3 to 7. If you and your children like unique stories that help develop social skills, you’ll love these books.


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