The Billionaire Desire


Marie only was here because she was covering for a girl who was out of town. That, and she needed the money. She struggled to make ends meet, and the last thing she needed was another bill from the rental company saying she was late with payments. Again. For the third time this year. Life was hard. She didn’t come out to Nashville to work in a diner. She wanted to sing, to work with artists, to be known as the country singer that she always wanted to be. However, life had taken turmoil for the time being now.

Marie was annoyed by the way life was going, frustrated by how everything was playing out. Thinking about her drag life, the bell near the door rang, indicating another customer. A young, handsome, but very drunk, billionaire music producer, Cody Jenkins.

She could tell that he would be a customer to remember. He kept looking at her, and she could tell that despite his drunken stupor, there was a heated look in his eyes, a fire that burned brightly and made Marie shiver.

After the dinner, Cody left a hundred dollars bill and his business card on the table. When Marie reads the card, something shocked her. The card reads ‘Music Album Producer’. This may be the big shot, Marie was looking for.

Should Marie give a call, should she give a shot to it to see where it goes?