Dekker’s Dozen: Weeds of Eden (Dekker’s Dozen (The Armageddon Seed Cycle) Book 1)

| December 2, 2019


Dekker Knight has a secret past.
Vivian “Vesuvius” Briggs has a sword, and a chip on her shoulder.
Together they run a team of lovably delinquent space mercenaries: the Dozen.
The Dozen fight to keep their debts settled, fuel in their ship, and some equilibrance to their moral ledger as they race from job to job… which always goes sideways. They are more than mercenaries: they’re practically family—and the theft of an interstellar seed threatens to tear it apart… this seed, which some claim comes from the very Garden of Eden, could wreak unspeakable evil across the galaxy.

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Blast Off with Dekker’s Dozen – “The Magnificent Seven (er, Dozen) in Space!”

When Dekker Knight and his mercenary crew are hired to ferry an alien diplomat to one of Jupiter’s moons they think they’ve taken a cake-walk mission. After they arrive at Io, things seem far worse than they thought: something threatens to fracture the moon’s tectonic plates and destroy everything on the surface–and the Dozen are stuck without access to their ship!

Even the local law is caught up in the chaos, and false flags are everywhere… almost as if something sinister has engineered some kind of galactic distraction…


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