THE BALLAD OF MAGDALA: The Home Town Of Mary Magdalene

| December 4, 2019


This book tells the story of Magdala, with captivating rhymes and illuminating and delightful illustrations.

Although Magdala is mentioned several times in the scriptures (Maria Magdalena is a prominent clue), it came as a huge surprise in the year 2009, when remains of an ancient fishery town were revealed near the contemporary settlement of Migdal, on the western shores of the Sea of Galilee. All this happened while digging foundations for a pilgrims’ guesthouse on the shore.
In just a few short years, with only part of the site excavated, Magdala has already become a very special place of history and culture, as it provides an authentic location to walk and pray where Jesus taught, and to connect with the first century life of Jesus’ followers.


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