Through the Mole Hole


Through the Mole Hole takes you on a journey through 28 terrifying, twisted, and thought-provoking tales.

Along the way, you will meet a young man who awoke to find a hole to another dimension in his arm, a couple whose painting is more than the simple portrait it appears to be, and a woman whose cat ate something it shouldn’t have. These are just a few of the unfortunate souls whose stories await you.

Do you dare take a peek at the worlds that lie on the other side of the mole hole?

The Table of Contents:
1. Beware of Clown
2. The Chair
3. Hangman
4. Pissing Well
5. Knock Knock
6. Digital Soul
7. Washed Ashore
8. The Devil Called Me Up
9. Here Comes Santa Claus
10. The Stick
11. The Garden of Evil
12. Alexa
13. Lost and Found
14. The Mole Hole
15. The Doctor is In (Featured on the Nosleep Podcast)
16. Bigger Fish
17. Sinus Trouble
18. Why Do Fools Fall in Love
19. Paddy Puddle Jumper
20. You are What you Eat
21. Sweet Granny Sweets
22. Hooked on Phonics
23. Manny
24. Welcome to Harrison High
25. Cleo
26. The Monthly Visitor
27. Silly Putty
28. Cheaters Never Prosper