INK: Sketches (Book 0 – Part 1)

| December 23, 2013


INK: Sketches (Book 0 - Part 1)

New Adult Paranormal Romance story. Twenty-one year old Shay Baynes has always had a different view of the world. But her world view starts to change when her scariest nightmares bleed over into the real world.

No one understands what’s happening or why people are dying, not even Shay. How far is she willing to go to fulfill her dream of being a comic artist? What is she willing to compromise for happiness.

INK: Sketches takes place a little more than a year prior to the start of INK: Fine Lines. This Novella contains background information that is relevant but not necessary to the INK Series. It’s a fun background read, INK: Fine Lines should be read first.

This is part 1 and will be updated.


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