A Shadow in the Flames (The New Aeneid Cycle)

| December 23, 2013


A Shadow in the Flames (The New Aeneid Cycle)

Near-future science fiction, now FREE for Kindle.

Northgate is in turmoil. Decaying, violent and corrupt, it is a common enough city in the mid twenty-first century, yet discoveries beneath the Moon’s surface have marked it with their first distant echoes.

Into Northgate has come Michael Flynn. Jobless and down to his last few dollars, Michael still dreams of making a positive difference of his own. Yet he has no family, no friends save for the freelancer known only as Diomedes, and tonight the apartment they share will burn to the ground.

When Diomedes becomes his mentor in a search for the arsonist responsible, Michael will get his chance to realize those dreams. But he must face dangers far more personal than fire if he is to succeed, for like a shadow in the flames, neither arsonist nor mentor may be what they appear.

And the ones who search the Moon will be watching.

˃˃˃ Praise for A Shadow in the Flames:

  • “As a long-time reader of science fiction, I found A Shadow in the Flames book to be well-written, entertaining, and a great read for anyone who is a fan of the genre.” -Capital Gamer blog
  • “Munz treats his characters with a generous heart and even those characters from whom the human heart has been eviscerated, Munz treats with a strong, delicate touch.” -Amazon reviewer
  • “When I reached the climax, the suspense was too much for me. I said, forget sleeping, I have to stay up and find out what happens!” –Amazon reviewer

Revised edition, released June 2013. Original publication date: November 2007.

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