Live Life: A Short Guide On How To Live A Conscious Life Through Meditation

| December 11, 2019


Can you say that you live consciously?
What is awareness that has been talked a lot?
You may not be aware of your lifestyle, habits and thoughts, having the ideas, goals and dreams of other people. You may not be aware of your true values, life priorities and inner desires. You may live “unconscious” in this moment because you are full of past regrets and worries about your future. 
So what is awareness?
In a word, awareness is when a person does not just live his or her life but truly ‘lives’ every moment of it. 
My book “Live Life” will tell you how to introduce new habits of your own awareness.

It is great to stay alone with yourself, purge of all conventions and after several days of practice you will begin to hear your true inner voice. This voice says that everything is in our hands and only a person can have responsibility for what is happening and direct own life to a personal way of development.

Awareness allows you to enjoy life in full. When a person lives consciously, the situation “Oh, I’m 80 but it’s so as if I haven’t had have my life at all”. It is not about this person. He had his life. And at 80 he will continue to enjoy every day of his being and not be sad about missed opportunities and unfulfilled dreams.

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