A Murder on Mardi Gras

| December 24, 2013


A Murder on Mardi Gras

“Jake Jasper has natural talent as an author. This book had me riveted to my chair for many an hour. I couldn’t put it down!”
— Xaviera Hollander,
New York Times bestselling
author of The Happy Hooker

Down-and-out travel writer Jake Jasper thinks that his publisher’s tight deadline is his worst problem. His Caribbean sailing adventure is interrupted by an order to complete an assignment in New Orleans, or his publisher’s attorneys will come after him. Upon his arrival, Jake hires an old friend, a seedy local, as a tour guide through the frenzy leading up to Fat Tuesday. After an evening of heavy drinking, Jake and his guide are facing murder charges. To make matters worse, they have less than eighteen hours to halt the deadly criminal plot that they’ve been unwillingly pulled into. Full of New Orleans color and characters drawn from the author’s personal experiences, A Murder on Mardi Gras is a compelling, hair-raising tale. Join Jake in his quest to bring justice to a murderer and thwart a criminal conspiracy in this opening book of an exciting series!


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