The Zoo: An Allegorical Adventure

| December 18, 2019


Have you ever thought about stepping into the past of a dynamic and vibrant metropolitan city, right before it came to a state of mass destruction and annihilation? How could such a thing happen and who were the characters that precipitated its decline? What were their motivations and how did they behave? The Zoo is an adventure that takes you on this treacherous journey. Filled with suspense, tension and thought-provoking themes, this witty story is a page-turner that will keep you on edge until the very last page.

In the book, you travel on an intrepid three day adventure exploring the remains of a once energetic, but now desolated and uninhabited metropolis. You’ll hear about the comical, yet tragic cast of characters (zoo animals) that caused the devastation through a chain of unanticipated events. You will experience the deep conflict between “Larry the Monkey” and “Victor the Bear” that set the wheels in motion for the catastrophic events that follow. You’ll also come across a few principled characters that tried their best to prevent such happenings. In addition, for the clever reader there is a mystery to determine which major metropolitan city the book’s setting was modeled after.

In a metaphorical way, you may even find a certain resemblance to our own modern day state of affairs. At the core, The Zoo is a dystopian satire that provides keen insights into human behavior. Written in a classical tone and style reminiscent of ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘War of the Worlds,’ this is a book that will certainly cause you to see the world with a different perspective!


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