Randi’s Country Kitchen Cookbook: Easy, Healthy, Gourmet Recipes That Anyone Can Prepare

| December 19, 2019


Randi’s Country Kitchen Cookbook is filled with easy, healthy, and delicious gourmet recipes that are easy to prepare for the experienced chef as well as those just starting out. The recipes are inspired by the author’s travels around the world and Vermont country living where the ingredients are simple, fresh, and locally sourced.

Randi’s motto is that “anyone can cook, they only need fresh simple ingredients, and simple easy recipes to make gourmet meals that their family and friends will love.” This book is full of healthy recipes such as soups and salads, meats, pasta, seafood, desserts, and even meatless dishes. It is sure to become a go-to favorite for great, easy, delicious, and often quick recipes. Enjoy and Happy Cooking!

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