Back to the Old House

| December 25, 2013


‘The day that Seth vanished, Isla remained inside the house they had shared for over six years and didn’t leave it for nine days. She didn’t speak to anyone until the fourth, when she rang the local police to report him as missing.’

When Isla – sole owner and occupier of 3 Archer’s Avenue – finds herself the victim of familial betrayal, she is forced to leave her home behind. However, circumstances lead her back and she finds herself reluctantly returning as a tenant.
She is joined by three others: Callum, Marion and Luke. Callum is a young factory worker who is in dangerously deep with a man from his childhood. Marion is shy and anorexic, plagued by voices in her head. Luke is a violent thug with an obsessive, compulsive disorder.
There is also Paul – a lost, forlorn spectre who resides in the attic.
Like Isla, Callum, Luke and Paul each have a history with the house. Further, these individual histories link them to each other and, as each story unfolds, we discover just how deep the dark, sinister network of their connections run…
There is one final twist revealed at the close of the book – Paul, the lost soul, residing in the attic, is not the only ghost amongst the characters…
Back to the Old House is a story of connections: of lives entangled in a small world, where lost souls lurk on stairwells, their silence the soundtrack to disturbed childhoods and deep, irreversible regrets.

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