Buffalo Lights: Tales From an American Journey

| December 25, 2013


Buffalo Lights: Tales From an American Journey

At age 55 the author and his wife, a college professor, trade burn-out for glory on a pure leap of faith. Life in a high mountain village bears no resemblance to the world they left behind, and New Mexico is famous for plans not working like they would elsewhere. In the 21st-century American Southwest, there’s a bull in the window and a rat under the bed. John and his wife dodge gunshots at Christmas, sink in mud to the axles, and find human bones in the dirt. Along the way he meets a shaman, Buddhist monks, knife-toting tough guys, a guru mechanic, Jesus himself, and the devil’s own dogs.

This 46,000 word photo-illustrated collection of true tales about moving to New Mexico in 1999 includes the sections Maryland, My Maryland; New Mexico Project; San Cristobal; Hard Journeys; Taos; and Awakenings.

NOTES ON THIS EDITION: The principle differences between this ebook and the print edition (subtitled “Maryland to New Mexico”) are the new cover, added photographs, and assorted edits. With the exception of the new images and two chapters that didn’t make the final cut, the content is the same as the original 184-page paperback published in 2005 (still available from Amazon or Booklocker.com). All photographs by John Hamilton Farr.




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