Children’s book: Don’t Let Rocky Get Away! (How to Parent Library Collection)

| December 25, 2013


Children's book: Don't Let Rocky Get Away! (How to Parent Library Collection)

What would you do if you were completely covered by a rolling pile of mess and toys?

Join Tommy on his adventurous and fun journey through the lost toys world.

Discover what it takes to catch Rocky, the naughty runaway spider monkey,

which holds the secret path back home.

By reading this book you can let your kids realize the benefits of keeping their room

organized and tidy. The story can help overcome the common struggle between

parents and children about organizing the child’s room.

This children’s book is a great introduction to “chapter books” for children at the age of 6-8.

With 23K words and 18 charming illustrations, the story encourages children to

improve reading proficiency.

** By getting this book you are entitled for FREE and Exclusive purchase extras! **

    • An Audio Book – 12:34 minutes narration of the story (MP3 format)


  • A Parent’s Guide – 8 indispensable tips on organizing messy children’s rooms (PDF format)



  • A Coloring Booklet – 17 illustrations for fun and creative times (PDF format)


Grab your copy today and enjoy the reading!



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