The Courageous Fantastic Heroic Valiant Mighty Sensational Gallant (and Hypoallergenic) Rubberband Boy: Part A


“The point is this: the enemy is real, and he is upon us! He has come to conquer us! He has come to vanquish us! He has come to take our women, to take our children—”“We don’t have women!”“Or children!”“… He has come to storm our castles, to pillage our keeps!” John continued. “He intends to slaughter our livestock! To burn our houses to the ground—”“We’re in fifth grade, none of us own houses!”It has been months since John and Dave have heard from the secret government agency known as the Division Opposing and Obstructing Diabolical Insidious Evil (a.k.a. D.O.O.D.I.E.). So, what are two fledgling heroes to do to pass the time? How about a nice leisurely class trip to the park? Wait, did we say leisurely? Hahahaha! And boy, have they stepped in it this time. For this is no ordinary walk in the park. This is the Contest of Classes!, the contest to end all contests and determine which fifth grade class reigns supreme! Ohrno Elementary will have the battle of its life on its hands, as John and Dave try to match wits, strength, and more than a little bit of luck against Ohryeah Elementary and its leaders, the fearsome Bully Bros.—three neanderthalic meanies who may be something more than they appear. As things go from bad to worse, will John regain the resolve that made him Rubberband Boy in the first place, or will he lose it all? Rubberband Boy finally returns with more laughs and adventure than you can handle! Oh yes, and mucus. Lots and lots of mucus. Because Dave has allergies. And no more tissues.