Their Wonderful Solstice


“When the holiday season hits, two wayward souls seek solstice within it, as well as each other-“

Luke Tanner is tasked with arranging his office’s big “winter solstice” celebration. However, he falls to the countless demands of many, driving him mad. He seeks solace in silence, only to be denied it. Along the way, he meets another as he is, going to her for relief.

Kristen Harland is an upcoming writer who has returned home for the holidays. However, life within her family’s estate is one of cruelty, criticism and control. As she falls to her parents’ neglect and spite, she meets with Luke. As they ease into each other’s lives, she seeks the same solace he does.

Faced with their season’s troubles, will Luke and Kristen find solace within the winter solstice? Will their love overcome such torment, or will it shatter like so many past hopes and dreams?