The Overlap

| December 26, 2013


The Overlap

Lindsey Barnes meets “Hot L.A. Guy” Zack Buchanan at happy hour in a trendy Beverly Hills bar one Thursday night after work. Leaving the bar together after talking for several hours, Zack asks Lindsey to have dinner with him that Saturday night.

There’s one complication, though, and it’s a big one: Lindsey’s almost-year-long relationship with Dustin Pearson. But after hesitating to give Zack an answer and even confessing to him that she has a boyfriend, Lindsey abruptly agrees to the dinner date. The reason she is able to go out with Zack this first time with minimal complications is because Dustin has been working 2,000 miles away in Chicago for the past two weeks straight, and that’s where he will “conveniently” be stuck once again this coming weekend.

The date with Zack goes fantastically, and Lindsey finds herself totally into him as their relationship gets underway. But her boyfriend Dustin is far from out of the picture, as Lindsey will soon find out.

Over the course of the next couple weeks her highs and lows with both Zack and Dustin – as well as with her prized job at a big-time management consulting firm – will send Lindsey’s entire world on wild swings of ups and downs that she never could have imagined only a year earlier when she moved to L.A. after graduating from college.

Strap yourself in alongside Lindsey Barnes for an intense roller-coaster ride of wild swings in emotions – and life itself – in The Overlap.

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