Frankie in Paris

| December 30, 2013


Frankie in Paris

Frankie has never been, well, normal. But apart from her family and a few close friends, no one knows how different she really is. Born with telekinetic powers, Frankie tries her best to act like everyone else—but sometimes her emotions get the best of her and her “special talent” takes the wheel.

When Frankie’s grandmother, Lulu, offers to take her to France, it seems like a pretty good deal! Frankie could never have dreamed of the crazy adventures she would experience, and how often she might have to rescue her grandmother. Prior to leaving on their vacation Frankie is reminded by her friends not to “do that extra thing” that she can do. However, Lulu participates in more than her share of hijinks—leaving Frankie to wonder who is acting as the adult on their vacation, and occasionally causing her to lose the tenuous internal battle that she often has to wage with her TK powers. She sees some famous sights and encounters a host of colorful people, wishing that she could have shared her trip to the most romantic place in the world with her handsome boyfriend—instead of with her crazy grandmother.

In the end, Frankie learns that you can’t choose your family but you’re pretty lucky if your family chooses you for a traveling partner—no matter how unconventional they may be.


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